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Czech made product | Elegance

BELIS is recently the biggest producer of enamel cookware in Czech Republic.

The cookware is produced according to original procedures and there are used only the highest quality materials. BELIS offers not only traditional assortment, which is well known between generations of customers, but new, modern cookware too.

Satisfaction | Tradition

The main aim of BELIS is satisfied customer.

All the processes and procedures are made in the way to have as satisfied customer as possible. We believe that everyone can be satisfied with the quality and the design of our products. Our best certificate are milions of happy clients who have used our cookware all over the world. The tradition of enamelled cookware`s productio in České Budějovice is more than 120 years. BELIS has used all these wide experiences in it`s production. Only a few of producers could be proud for so long history (This applies not only for enamelled cookware production).

Quality | Reasonable prices

BELIS has certification ISO 90001, 14001 and ISO/TS16949, whic are proofs of standardized production`s procedures and the high quality of products.

The quality of BELIS`s cookware is our biggest advantage againts our competitors. Moreover the cookware is offered for reasonable prices which have to be accepted by all customers who are looking for the optimal ration between the price and the quality.

Flexibility | Responsibility

BELIS can meet all the requirements of customers regarding to the design of enamelled products.

The customized design can be made affter the placing of order for some MOQ. We can change the color, decal, handles, lids and in special cases the shape of the cookware too. All the products are made according to the Czech and EU legislation. BELIS realizes resposibility for the customer's health and all the enamel cookware is absolutely harmless to health. There is general rule: "The cooking on the enamel is even the healthiest way of the food's preparation".

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